"For His Eyes Only" boudoir | Spice It Up!

One of the latest sensations in traditional wedding photography is not so traditional, it's women offering their husbands, boyfriends, fiancees and future husbands a rather very special intimate sexy gift that may include an album as well as a musical (song of their choice) DVD of boudoir photography. The guys go ga-ga and love it as you'll see in the video, and the women just love doing it!

I'm Michael Grubb and I am uniquely qualified to offer this as a wonderful option because of my years of experience in model and glamour photography. The photoshoot itself is held on-location at an upscale bed and breakfast inn, using professional studio lighting. Images are extensively enhanced in Photoshop using an array of specialized techniques and presented in collage form in an elegant album.

After the photoshoot, you and your "special person" can spend a warm cozy romantic night at the historic and very charming Victorian bed and breakfast inn that includes free breakfast.

So how kewl is that? Or what! The best of all worlds!

Here is an amazing video showing a future groom's priceless reaction to his "boudoir gift" from his fiancee.

Watch the videos. Make your man the luckiest guy on the planet! Spice it up!

I have been a long time huge fan of the Boudoir Divas of San Diego, a group of female boudoir photographers catering to women of ALL sizes and ages, and so here are two more videos of theirs.

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